How to Do Whatever the Hell You Want

“Listen to your heart“ is quite a common advice on finding your own path of fulfillment in life. Living authentically, of course, is quite an important factor in living a good life, as carrying out one‘s truest and deepest desires of thy hearts can be quite fulfilling, or something of that sort. After this detailed […]

Listening Is Not Reading

The rise of audiobooks has been exponential these last couple of years. After every YouTube video and during every episode of any podcast, there’s constantly the message about Audible’s free trial and their immense library of material. Audiobooks open up a world of opportunities for people who want to read more, but aren’t sure how to accomplish that […]

What You Do Is All There Is

‘I would have aced that test if I had studied for it’ is a common expression used by students who consider themselves to be relatively smart. Smart enough, in fact, so that instead of going through their textbooks, notes or exercises they decide to indulge in something more thrilling, such as gaming or catching up with their […]

It’s Not What You Do, It’s How You Do

What does it mean to be an interesting person? Is it the unusual hobbies, a charming personality or a having visited most of the world’s countries? Undoubtedly all these things could contribute positively to how people perceive you, but the most important component is simply the way you speak about your life. Nowadays it’s usually […]

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