There are quite a few blogs on the internet, now that anyone can start one without much effort. This is one of those blogs. It’s not ran by a guy with a PhD, it’s not super well written and neither is it well researched and maybe even a little silly. It is, however, written by a real person, who admits his flaws, insecurities and fears (which is honestly much easier to write about than talk about). I have dropped out of university. I have a hard time admitting I am wrong and I have a really hard time saying no to people. I eat way too many premade sandwiches from the supermarket. I am no superman, yet I ain’t afraid to show it. I’m sexy and I know it.


This website is my attempt at finding a solution to these sorts of problems. Sure, there might appear an occasional rant about on why one thing is obviously better than another, but that’s just a distraction from the actual core of this project, which is to become a better human being though reflection and introspection. A sort of a public, essay-type diary, perhaps. Why do we procrastinate? For what reasons do we get angry at our loved ones? Is Michael Scott a genius or a madman? These are the types of questions which make us not supermen, and those are the questions I will definitely find an answer to. Maybe.


Life is a complicated thing, as you can probably tell from being alive. There usually isn’t a one single solution to a given problem, and there is usually no obvious way to reach that solution. That is exactly what this blog is for – pick a condition of being a human, take it apart as much as possible and find out why it is the way it is. Then, after a few paragraphs of deciphering the topic and making one or two inappropriate jokes, I attempt to find the cure for that problem – the solution to becoming less of a no-superman, and decreasing the world suck, as some would say. This is not an easy journey to take – some of the articles might be horrendous, some might deal with weird topics, while others might be a masterpiece of literature (undoubtedly). Yet, this is a journey I am going to take, and you can take it with me. For better or for worse (we’re basically married now).


I hope that wasn’t too many bad jokes for you to handle. If not, you’re very welcome to take a look at our archives, where you will find all of our essays in chronological order. Have fun :)

Oh, by the way… The name of this website is a reference to one of my favourite shows of all time, called Scrubs. If you ever have some free time, definitely give it a go. Peace

(and start with episode four)