Where am I and how did I get here?
Not sure why you would ask that but hello and welcome. This is my blog. Here you’ll find things I find interesting to write about yet which might not necessarily be interesting to read about. Hope sometimes they are though.

Who the hell are you?
I am a twenty-one year old person who for some highly incomprehensible reason enjoys writing. It’s also an extremely fun way of procrastinating, highly recommend it.

What is this blog about?
A little bit of everything, I suppose. A bit of amateur philosophy here and there, some thoughts on what it takes to live a semi-decent life and maybe even a few tips I found to be personally helpful while dealing with something not very pleasant indeed. I highly advice against applying any of the tips you read here to your personal life – it could be dangerous as everything you see here is performed by a trained professional.

What does “I’m no superman” mean?
Originally, it’s a phrase from a theme song from an absolutely brilliant 2001 TV series Scrubs. I suppose here it also refers to what this blog is about – being human. That means making silly and easily avoidable mistakes, writing not very well thought out or even grammatically correct articles with horrible punctuation and pretending to be smart over topics I know very little about.
Also, you should watch Scrubs.

Why should I listen to what you have to say?
First of all, rude. But yes, maybe I’m not the best writer. Maybe I’m not the best philosopher and maybe I’m not completely certain what philosophy even is. But I am willing to put myself out there and see what happens, because above everything else I simply enjoy writing. It’s even possible that I will get better at it, and that would be pretty awesome, if I might say so myself. Well, congratulations, because you’re invited to this ride alongside me, and even though I’m not sure where we’re going, I’m pretty sure it will be wicked cool. Probably.

Ehh ok… Is that all?
Yes. Now seriously, go watch Scrubs.